Lee Seung Gi in the Philippines Survey

Lee Seung Gi has successfully finished his fan meetings in Singapore and Taiwan. We know that Filipino Airens have been waiting for quite a long time now for him to come visit our country as well. If you want him to have a fan meeting in the Philippines, please answer the survey below (leave a reply then click POST COMMENT). International fans who are interested are also encouraged to answer.

Note: Your comment will not be shown below for confidential purposes. Please answer ALL the questions in the survey truthfully. No dummy accounts. Thank you!

Survey deadline: September 30, 2012

Copy and paste the survey with your answer on the leave a reply box below and click post comment 🙂




E-mail address:


  • a. 15 years old below
  • b. 16-20 years old
  • c. 21-30 years old
  • d. 31 years old above 

City and country:

Are you a student or a worker?

How much are you willing to pay for Seung Gi’s fanmeet?

  • a. 7,000 – 9,999 pesos ($167 – $238)
  • b. 5,000 – 6,999 pesos ($120 – $167)
  • c. 2, 500 – 4,999 pesos ($60 – 120$)
  • d. below 2500 pesos (below $60)

When do you want the fan meet to be held?

  • a. November or December 2012
  • b. Anytime in January – March 2013
  • c. Anytime in April – June 2013
  • d. Anytime in July 2013 – September 2013

For Airens outside the Philippines, are you willing to fly to the country to visit his fan meeting? Approximately how many people will come with you to watch the proposed fan meeting?

What are your suggestions for the proposed fan meeting?

Thank you for answering the survey!


24 responses to “Lee Seung Gi in the Philippines Survey

  1. oH! many fans of lee seung gi are waiting
    and I hope shi min ah will be there. HOI-HOI couple fans are excited! >.< specially me.

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